Out of the Mouth of Asher

Though Asher is not talking yet, I am finding that I am already learning a lot from him.
This page is dedicated to insiteful lessons and silly sayings from Asher.  
First word - 7 Months
I am loving that Asher now says Mama, even if it is only when he is really mad and sleepy.
Second word - 8 months
He is now saying "Dada" when he is playing.

So, my husband, Tim and I are big fans of REI. Though neither of us are really REI inclined (the most either of us do is ski or camp a little) we like to frequently visit the store. Many of you may also know that Tim worked there for a few years while in college. On our last trip we decided to look at the Bob strollers. An amazing stroller which is way, WAY out of our price range. The moment I sat Asher in the Bob he began to laugh! I tried to convince Tim that the Bob was a must have  and as we walked away from this amazing stroller our little 8 month old begins to say, "bob, bob, bob, bob, bob." I think he wanted the Bob, Tim was not convinced. (He wants the orange one).